Monday, January 21, 2013

The long delayed story.

This is what happened.   Picture a stinking hot humid day.    Got that?    We've driven 15ks to pick up the trialer that sh!ould be loaded with someone else's rubbish to take it to the dump  as we had lent them the trailer for this purpose.   We had to take the old Toyota Landcruiser because it has a tow ball.   IT DOES NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONING!    It is dirty inside because my fella is dead lazy when it comes to cleaning vehicles.  Well..... cleaning, full stop.     

We get to the place, the rubbish is in and off they go to the dump.   a long time passes and still not returned.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the front yard under the shade of a red bottle brush tree.  Cool breeze blowing so it's not too bad.    Eventually, the phone inside rings so I let it go.  Not my business. It kept on ringing over a few times so I answered and sure enough, they had car trouble.

They had only got down the road a little before the fuel supply seemed to cut out.  RACQ called  and after some walking in the hot sun,  the toyota is off to be repaired.   Another little car that had a tow ball then takes the rubbish off where you have to run around sorting the bastard and pay $12.00 for the privilege!    Back to pick me up then off to our house.    
It doesn't read too bad really but it was hot!   Hot makes me cranky at the best of times, like today.

About 4 days later it is ready. I have to phone them!   It was something to do with leads and condenser and costs $285.00.   Pretty stiff seeing that the call out and towing is free.  just the parts and labour.  Labour was $124.00.  

I knew I should have stayed at home!!!!

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