Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keep safe.

What the hell is wrong with people?????       It seems that there is a murder or attempted murder every news bulletin.  I'm over it.      Is it the drugs or the grog or can't people contain their anger?

The judiciary must enforce the full extent of the law.      Hand out huge sentences with no remand.
Earn their bloody money and be seen doing their jobs.  
  If it looks  and sounds dangerous.... GET OUT OF THERE.    Particularly girlfriends and wives with power freaks for partners.  GET OUT!!!

Women have to take more management with their safety.   Be alert,    look around.     Mothers teach your sons to respect women even if the father doesn't.   I can see that trend of treating women badly running through families.  Any way..... enough of my rant but for god's sake,  stand up and be counted.      Have a good day!    xo


Karen said...

I keep saying the same things here in the UK. People have changed, I don't know why either. So many are two faced and lie to you pretending to be your friends. It also happens to men with 'hard faced' girlfriends/wives too. I know people who have been affected and abused in this way and it affects your whole life not just at that moment in time. Look after number one in this world, keep safe. Karen x

Lydia La La said...

Spot on with your comment Karen. I'm getting tougher and asking people to wake up. Time to get the women of the world united to each other be strong. xo