Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life on the farm.

Good news.......  the need for a heart pace maker has been placed on the back burner for 6  months.  My partner's  breathlessness and tiredness has lessoned so all is well so far.  Such a relief to learn that.   From a purely selfish point  of view;   no hospital visiting and trying to find parks and endless walking along corridors and dealing with medical staff.   Feckin Hooray!!!!

Update on my mother......
She is recovering from  a fall supposedly at the dining area at the Home.   I was called within 10 minutes by a very concerned nurse. They were awaiting the ambulance to take her to the hospital for a check.    I phoned the hospital, talked to the doctor handling her and was amazed that an Xray was not ordered, after all it is her right hip area!    She returned to the home later that night.

I visited and she is OK except for soreness and one hell of a bruise.  We all breathed sighs of relief as the last thing any one wants is a broken hip.    I've been told that the elderly do not live very long after a hip fracture.   Mum is now 88 and does have trouble walking.    She has one older sister left who is  92 yrs old.    Her brothers all died before reaching 60! 

My 2 siblings are still living in Mum's home and  supposedly paying the insurance and council rates.  Nothing else.   No rent or repairs.    I don't speak to them now since my last attempt to get them to pay their way became heated and futile.   My brother said he would do jail time over me??    But then... he is a psychotic narcissist.   Really scary stuff there.      I'll be keeping my distance.


Karen said...

What a gorgeous view!!! I'd like that here! You can choose your friends but not your family so the saying goes. Just let it all go over your head, they can't make you stressed then. It takes some doing, but can be done! Take care, Karen x

Myst_72 said...