Monday, March 16, 2015

A little catch up.

I am still alive and kicking. 

My year has been such a mixed bag of happenings.  I won't bore you with one long post ..
Just lots of short ones.   I have to learn all  the new tricks with blogger too. 

My mother passed away on 4th January this year after suffering a  stroke on January 1st.   She is now at peace.  Such a load has lifted from my shoulders as a result.     She had her 90th birthday last December so a very good innings.  We could have all done without the last 5 years and that includes her.

The Aged Care home staff were as good as they have the time to be and for that I am thankful.   I'll find a photo of her gorgeous coffin next post.  It was a nice send off and a celebration of her life with  five totally different eulogies.

Friday, December 27, 2013

200th post....... and New Year resolutions.

 Happy New Year to you all.

Cat helping fold the towels.

 Every damn year I start off with the best intentions and every year, I fail.    Only one is being made this year.    TO LOSE THE FAT!!!     I'm an emotional eater and boy have I had reason to chomp on food this year.   Lots of friends have had a bad year also.       Bring on a great new year.

If I lose weight, I am so much happier.  Every one and every thing gains.  My mental outlook changes dramatically for the better.   I need   'better' in my life.

Christmas was lovely and not really hot and no rain in sight.  Usually it is stinking hot and humid.
Good food and great friends and family to share with.  Love it!

One of my projects is turning my sewing room into a type of sanctuary with candles, rocks, frogs, photos and anything that makes me happy.  I have so much "stuff" to be sorted, sold or given away.   I am happy with the progress and plan on some painting happening too.   I have fabric that is 50 years old and still like the day it was bought.
I'm one of those silly people that have fabric that is too good to use!     What is the problem?   Cut it, sew it, wear it......  no problem.  

That's it for my 200th post.

Wish me luck.   xx

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A little sewing.

I'm happy with my sewing progress of yesterday and hoping to complete the top today. 

I sew in a Woman Cave and feel the guilts if I don't sort out some of my " stuff" before I begin.
I was very proud of myself when I got straight in and sewed!    More of the same in future.

The fabric is  cotton  and easy to work with.

Monday, October 7, 2013

I may have my Mojo back! It has been too long in coming.

Sturt's Desert Pea

This won't be a long boring post because I'm off to sew a top for me!!!!!   Holy Hell,   I've waited so long to get up the sewing urge again.      I've sat in the sewing room,  I've sorted fabric, etc, etc, etc.  Nothing worked.      I don't know what has caused this urge but I'm going to run with it and hope for the best. 

Lots of love to you.   xxxx

Be back soon to fill you in bit by bit of what.s been happening.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life on the farm.

Good news.......  the need for a heart pace maker has been placed on the back burner for 6  months.  My partner's  breathlessness and tiredness has lessoned so all is well so far.  Such a relief to learn that.   From a purely selfish point  of view;   no hospital visiting and trying to find parks and endless walking along corridors and dealing with medical staff.   Feckin Hooray!!!!

Update on my mother......
She is recovering from  a fall supposedly at the dining area at the Home.   I was called within 10 minutes by a very concerned nurse. They were awaiting the ambulance to take her to the hospital for a check.    I phoned the hospital, talked to the doctor handling her and was amazed that an Xray was not ordered, after all it is her right hip area!    She returned to the home later that night.

I visited and she is OK except for soreness and one hell of a bruise.  We all breathed sighs of relief as the last thing any one wants is a broken hip.    I've been told that the elderly do not live very long after a hip fracture.   Mum is now 88 and does have trouble walking.    She has one older sister left who is  92 yrs old.    Her brothers all died before reaching 60! 

My 2 siblings are still living in Mum's home and  supposedly paying the insurance and council rates.  Nothing else.   No rent or repairs.    I don't speak to them now since my last attempt to get them to pay their way became heated and futile.   My brother said he would do jail time over me??    But then... he is a psychotic narcissist.   Really scary stuff there.      I'll be keeping my distance.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just Busy or Bored or Rained out. Life is Interesting.

 You will not believe it!  The electrical work to the deck has been completed!!!!    It's been 4 months since the last lot of work was done and now 5 hours of work completed it....       An electrician friend volunteered to do the job and it is not a freebie.     We do expect to pay him, of course but should I wait 4 months to do it?   I think so.      The down lights are the wrong type of light. Should be a cool white light but are a warm day light.  They were supposed to be dimmable but are not.  Found this out after the dimmers were installed!   All bought from Bunnings by my man.   I dread him buying things... I really do.

Yesterday he took a neighbour the 90k round trip to our next closest city to drop his vehicle off at the panel beaters.  This neighbour is a lazy, conniving type of person.  That's a long story for another time!      My man comes home with a memory foam mattress topper that costs $399au and is that bloody thin, it won't make any difference to the bed.   It is definitely being returned.

This is a whinge but it's just the tip of the iceberg, believe me...     He did some whipper snipping/weed whacking the other day and there went a fair sized little pumpkin and really slashed at 2 loved garden beds.    Revenge will be mine for a change. I'm not a revengeful  person at all but I have been driven to it!!!