Friday, December 27, 2013

200th post....... and New Year resolutions.

 Happy New Year to you all.

Cat helping fold the towels.

 Every damn year I start off with the best intentions and every year, I fail.    Only one is being made this year.    TO LOSE THE FAT!!!     I'm an emotional eater and boy have I had reason to chomp on food this year.   Lots of friends have had a bad year also.       Bring on a great new year.

If I lose weight, I am so much happier.  Every one and every thing gains.  My mental outlook changes dramatically for the better.   I need   'better' in my life.

Christmas was lovely and not really hot and no rain in sight.  Usually it is stinking hot and humid.
Good food and great friends and family to share with.  Love it!

One of my projects is turning my sewing room into a type of sanctuary with candles, rocks, frogs, photos and anything that makes me happy.  I have so much "stuff" to be sorted, sold or given away.   I am happy with the progress and plan on some painting happening too.   I have fabric that is 50 years old and still like the day it was bought.
I'm one of those silly people that have fabric that is too good to use!     What is the problem?   Cut it, sew it, wear it......  no problem.  

That's it for my 200th post.

Wish me luck.   xx


Hilary said...

Every year I say I am going to lose that annoying 25 lbs......and every year ends and I still have it.
I am on a mission too.
It's time.

Lydia La La said...

You don't need to lose any weight Hilary. you look great by your photos. I read your posts each time but don't comment 'cause I would repeat what the other girls write. I will in future even if it's waffle. xxx

Eccentricess said...

Gorgeous Kitty! They love helping with the laundry and with sewing!

Sounds like you have a wonderful stash of retro fabric there. I also have favourite fabrics that I keep because I love them.... what if I cut them and turn them into something dreadful!

But using it, decluttering, accepting imprefection, these have been hugely freeing things!