Monday, March 1, 2010

Where the hell did that week go??????

Where the hell did that week go???    

This is a secret blog.  That kinda limits my opportunity to post.  

  Thank you Nat and G. for your input.    I have been busy with bloody meals and washing and the rain is driving me mad.      Over 3 feet of the stuff!     Rain is fine.    Mud is not.....

All still going very well.  No talk of A. returning to her old town even if this State High School is  so dumbed down with the male deputy head seeing himself as a dictator when everyone else sees him as a fuckwit.   He spends a lot of time at the local police station???

The previous school is much more advanced.  It is under 200 ks north???   WHY aren't they at the same rate of progress?

I've been eating white bread for a few days and my whole body is a mass of soreness and aches.   
I'm giving up BREAD,   DAIRY  and SOME   SUGAR....   

We don't have cakes etc and the occasional tub of icecream is our treat.    

Wish me luck, please.

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