Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Yesterday on her way back to Cairns,    my sister visits our mother.  

She puts on all her protective gear;  helmet, leather jacket, gloves, bandana over her mouth area and  gets on the bike and off she goes on the 9 to 10 hour ride.   

  I get her phone call from Bowen about 3 hours away ,
" I can't find my bag! I think I left it at Mum's".
"OK", says I.  
I phoned and the staff  searched the room.

  No luck... so I asked if they could look outside where she had parked her bike.
  Sure enough... it was inside the fence and all intact.
Talk about grateful!
So.... today I drive the 45 ks in to see Mum, pick up the bag,  go to the post office to post it 

up in an overnight express and register it.  

Nearly $ 18.00 later!!!!! 

{The express bag looked bloody flimsy so I'm hoping it all arrives intact!}

I'm enjoying my solitude other than the above......

Tomorrow is cleaning day.   
That will take away the guilty feelings I get  when I do things I like.  

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