Monday, July 18, 2011


I will most likely run amok!!!

I will be on my lonesome for about 10 days.   How good is that?

Now I can stay up late,  read,  sunbake nekkid on the back deck, cruise the internet, sleep in too.

It's nearly too much to comprehend!  

It will take me a couple of days to get into the swing of it.  After that,  nothing will stop me.
I'll have to start soon with the list making...   what to get done.

After reading my friend, Karen's blog 

I think I must try cardmaking.  Karen's cards are cute and  she donates them all to hospices and the like.

Thank you Karen.

I could keep all the pretties in a box and drag it out when inspiration hits me. Progress would be speedy. 
  With painting or sewing or knitting, you have to keep plodding till the finished article appears...

I probably have the makings for  a few here on hand.

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Karen said...

Ohh thanks for the lovely comments!!! I've been into crafts all my life and started cardmaking, then let it go a while, and have now got back into it, after my best friend died of cancer, and decided to give them all to hospices and cancer charities to raise money. It all helps and one day this dreadful disease will take it's last victim and be solved!