Saturday, October 15, 2011


I've been putting off posting because I did say that I would put up pictures of the house renovations and I have had a shitload of trouble, for some reason getting the printer to scan the photos. 
I wriggled this and that, tried a different programme and then swore a lot.  I think that's what worked!!!
I tried my old scanner but it's driver is somewhere in ether space.

Later today I'll get on to it and scan as many as possible before I get sick of it.   I promised to email old photos to a young friend  from years ago  of her family as her Dad chose to leave this world 9 years ago so these will be of the good old days. I have only recently been able to find this family through Facebook... gotta love it. Also want send some photos of a tour through Europe for a Brazilian hunk I met on that trip  too.  He lost all of his.

THEN....... it is a plan to steadily work on scanning ALL my non-digital photos.  Years of work there!  My lovely youngest son wanted to buy me a digital camera years ago BUT I thought they were too expensive...  Oh, how I wished I hadn't been so stupid!!!!   The fun I have missed out on.  I take my camera with me every where I go.  Even around the house yard!

It's a beautiful day here in mid north Queensland. Just how I like it.   Cool and very cloudy and it's these kind of days that bring out the creativeness in me.  

I'm into lists and a top priority is sewing some every day clothes for myself.  Reckon I'll be in the sewing room for most of the day!     I don't like sewing for myself.   Probably because of the fatness of the body due to the frikken menopause thing happening.
Isn't if stupid how we used to think we were fat and  when you look at older  photos,  you were so not! 

A few years ago I was telling my mother that I had met a friend I hadn't seen for years and that she had said that she remembered me as tall and thin with lovely clothes. [ when I was talking to her I was heaps thinner than I am now!]
My mother replied, " Well, you were tall".    DUH!!!!  What?  Not thin too? Not tall now???    I know, I know,  I'm thin skinned.    ( that means ' can't take personal criticisms) I sewed most of my clothes then or bought at sales.

I've been making us fresh juice most mornings.  It is so tasty and a good way to use up  small fresh veg scraps.  I juice beetroot, celery, parsley, ginger, tumeric, carrots, comfrey, plantain, apple as the main ones and then sip it to mix each mouthful with saliva as recommended.    YUMMY!  I have an old National juicer that we bought second hand years ago but it doesn't miss a beat and the pulp left is pretty dry.

   Herbal tea has always been a favourite of mine. With  many flavours to choose from I am in heaven.    Chamomile with honey and cider vinegar  at night to help me sleep.
  I am a real  coffee lover and  specially love the aroma of the  freshly ground beans! 

After looking at the choices available for medicinal dried herbs,   I have decided to go that way so I ordered a kilo!! of dried Small Leafed Willow.   Wow,  that is a lot of herb!  Yesterday I  put it in small amounts into vacuum seal bags to keep it fresh.  Hell... it will last me a year.  I could have gone crazy ordering lots of goodies from this man but I was soooo good and restrained myself. Next time.  It only took 2 days to get here too.

OK.. I'm off to sew.  Be back soon, I promise.


Sewconsult said...

My mother is one of my most critical family members. I am thinned skin also. I am fat and mine started with the hysterectomy that threw me into menopause in my 30's. With hormones and steroids for a number of orthopedic issues, I have ballooned to the heaviest that I could ever imagine. I am working so hard on losing weight, but it is a real battle because of one of my medications. First warning on the label is that it causes weight gain. So, my choice is to stop the medicine and be almost immobile or to keep taking it and stop eating! Not a great choice. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog. I have found that if I order from non-discount online places, I get top quality fabric. Discount places are not dependable as far as quality goes.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Karen said...

Looking forward to seeing what you're sewing!!! Your descriptions of all the foodie things you do is wonderful....just wish I lived nearer!