Friday, October 21, 2011

The new homeless, evil eyed cat. 

We are now foster parents to what appears to be a homeless cat which my sister says  looks like her Russian Blue!    He comes in about every 4 days for food and a cuddle. He looks for the cuddle and scratch first. I don't think I've heard him purr yet but won't be long....... Cat and him fight but are slowly tolerating each other.

His evil green eyes light up at the sight of a plate so I am presuming he belongs to someone and not just a wild one.  Maybe, he was left on the side of the road, abandoned.      He will eat anything and loves meals leftovers but  is not rapt in dried foods.   I have to settle him in more  to tame him so that we can find a nice family for him. He gets ticks and likes a fight it seems, from the amount of little scabs he has.    Sooooo.... I named him Smokey Blue.

He will stare at you full on until I out stare him!   Weird little bugger.


We had a great day yesterday!   We drove about an hour's drive west of here to attend an information day put on by AgForward which is part of Agforce on how and what can be done if there are mining companies that have an exploration  permit on your land. The latest thing is for gas to be extracted from coal beds.     The deepest being up to 800 metres underground. To save me a lot of typing and not being a touch typist, gets tiring, just Google it and you will be disgusted.   Our land will most likely not be affected but the knowledge we gained will maybe help some one whose land is.

We learnt how to negotiate  agreements  with these fuckers and our rights concerning the land and their trespass.   The present government in power in our state and the main federal governing party is corrupt and biased toward mining.  There is very little consideration to the primary producers.  We need food!  Is the major plan to allow all food to be imported? Who knows what money changes hands to bring in these laws of change?

BUT...... we had a nice drive, met nice people, learnt heaps and had a nice lunch. All on a nice cloudy day too.    The little town where it was held is called NEBO and was once really a ghost town until the mining boom. It is still gorgeous.  It's too hot in summer and  too cold in winter. 

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