Friday, October 7, 2011

100th POST!!! ZEN........... Food, Warmth, Shelter...... all else is Vanity! This philosophy poses many questions.

This is the building I would like in my back yard for a sewing and guest room.

I have got to the time in my life where I do not need, want or covet much more.

There are a few exceptions but these are minor and affordable.   I plan to unclutter more and more.
Yesterday I  bought 2 more rolling plastic storage boxes to store fabric in.   They are much larger than the ones I have in the sewing room  but will fit lots more in them and  in the same area too.
   I have plans for the ones I empty!

I am a collector!!!!   It is a painful hobby  now that I  live in a small house.

We have gone from a huge 4 bedroom house to another huge 4 bedroom.   Then to a 3 to 4 bedroom, highset Queenslander with a wide veranda on 3 sides to our current highset, 2 bedroom with an attic and sewing room.  And you would not believe this.  It is exactly the same style of house that my ex and I bought as our first home.with only the plan turned over!!!!   It's called  a Worker's Cottage and there were many built. I think it was really the first kit home in Australia..    This style of house is featured in the Australian artist  d'Arcy Doyle's paintings.   ( Some research there for you, Beckie!)

  We've renovated and sold homes kind of accidentally.  Not spending a hell of a lot of money but a quite profitable outcome.

My fella had a home when we met.  [not the ex!!]    I had cash.   A lovely old either Edwardian or Victorian home on the border of New South Wales and Victoria.  It was in NSW.   We lived there for 3 years BUT IT WAS SO COLD in that area.  The house had a large fireplace in the lounge and in 2 bedrooms but we never lit the bedroom ones because I thought it   too unhealthy.  We could have woken up dead!!!!

So...... we sold that for bloody less than we should have due to a dodgy real estate firm.  Still made a good profit.  Then we bought a lowset home on 3 1/2 acres near the Sunshine Coast.   This was great.
Back to my old Noosa mates and a decent social life once again.  Nearly  4 years later we decided to sell and look for an area where there was plenty of work available so we sold and thought we'd spend 6 weeks catching up with my kids and rellies.   That was 20 years ago!!!

Holy Shit... I never realised it was that long.       We bought the old Queenslander and then sold it a few years later.  Settlement on that was the day before settlement on this property.
How's that for fine tuning?

This has 200 acres and had no house just a very derelict home from around 1907/15.   We got a house site dozed into the side of a hill and got 3 builders in to check it out and talk about building a home.  Each one of them said to do up the old house. Talk about talking themselves out of business!!

I did not like the feel of the house site and the road would have to be concreted to make it passable in the wet weather.    A very expensive  project.       My fella then made another terraced house site behind the old house and it was very nice.  We planned a Pole home to over look the eastern valley and we would park the cars under the veranda on the lower level.
  Same thing again..... fix up the old one. 

Soooooooo........ we did!    This will be another post with photos.    AND I had better write about the collections later too.  Got to get some house work done.


Sewconsult said...

I would love to have one of those little houses in our back yard. They remind me of little resort cottages that I have seen. What an education I am getting! And they US Southerners have their own language! I am having to read a sentence a couple of times to get the jest of the meaning, but I am enjoying it. I did research D'arcy Doyle. I love his artwork. Sorry to read that he has died and no longer contributing new works to the art world.

Thank you for signing up to follow. Not sure when that happened, but I noticed it this evening when I checked my blog.

Karen said...

Ohhh I'd love that for a craft room, it would be heaven!!!!! Perhaps we could share it?!?!?! x