Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dieting sucks. I really have to eat BEFORE I'm hungry so that I don't empty the fridge...just joking!

The Shrinking Violet!

 I'm still going well and still  motivated and   I am sneaking up on my Animal Brain!!   Just a steady, steady loss so that the internal monster doesn't know what I'm doing!

Once we use up all the fattening foods in the fridge and pantry I will only be buying fruit, vegetables and healthy bits.  It is not in my best interests to go shopping when I'm hungry.  Extras like chips and chocolate end up in the trolley! That doesn't happen too often.  I very, very seldom buy biscuits, cakes or sweets so I don't have to retrain myself there.
I'm juicing most mornings using all kinds of plants and fruit or vegetables.  It is an easy way to get the vitamins into you without the cooking and bulky, full feeling.  The exercise thing is happening from the gardening and I am finding long forgotten muscles.

I feel bloody knackered today as a result of waking too early. Too early being around 4am!    Hate that.       It puts me out for the rest of the day!

  I had planned on sewing all day.   I'm finishing off a top for myself that I've had half done for six months.  That's if I find the sleeves.   I have so much "stuff" in my sewing room,  it's hard to remember which plastic roller case holds what.  I really am going to label them......     

I don't like sewing for myself.   It reckon it's the bloody low self esteem thing again.

 Easy sewing..... I have some wadding that came from 6 patio chairs that I've taken out of the old covers and plan to place on top of each other unfolded, then cover to make a light mattress thingy to go under the cushions of the downstairs sofa. Washed them to  freshen first.   Photos coming up!

I am so fortunate that we can't get television reception here along with bad mobile phone coverage. Why?  I hear you ask.  Because I spend the time I would spend watching TV on the Internets reading blogs and researching about  what I need to know.  This also takes up my reading time.  I really miss getting right into a good murder mystery.  I've been connected to the Internet since September 2000.  You would think that I would have had my fill by now.      Nuh... Last night I fine tuned my knowledge of canning/bottling the harvest on the fabulous You Tube.
  I was given a complete electric Fowlers Vacola preserving outfit some time ago by a lovely gent.  I am very appreciative.  I'll experiment with preserving tomatoes first.  Not from the garden but I'll buy a 10kg box for $15/20 from the local highway stall and make  spaghetti sauce, tomato relish and just plain tomatoes first up.
 OK..... coffee time and more blog reading, not to mention Facebook  then I'll sew!

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Sewconsult said...

Oh, my gosh, I came to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog and I am completely drawn into your blog! Are you my twin? I won't sew for myself any more, always needing to or on a diet, and one of those who has become addicted to reading blogs, doing research on the computer and that doesn't even cover Facebook. I love keeping in touch with my childhood friends and my family. Your writing puts a big smile and my face. When I finish this, I will become your newest follower. Hugs from a fat, sewing, computer addicted, sleep impaired lady from the USA!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN