Friday, October 28, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays....

This is my kind of weather.  Cool, cloudy with a touch of rain.

I am posting now as I rest from my morning's bit of gardening.    I nearly died!

I only planted out about 15 Arrowroot plants BUT I had to balance precariously over one edge and then change to stand in the freshly  dug garden to do the  rest.    I also planted garlic cloves and 1 lonely piece of ginger too, in a more accessible spot. I do not like dirty hands or feet or shoes so I buy my light surgical type gloves in a box of a hundred.     Well.... I really don't like dirt!
I had not long had my morning fresh juice and was feeling a little funny  to begin with.  After bending down, twisting and generally feeling unsafe, I was glad to have the  job completed.  Then I thought.... stuff this,  it's easier to just go buy a packet of arrowroot.

And, when do I use it anyway?????


Dwarf beans and tomatoes


Sewconsult said...

It seems so odd to read about planting and then the lightbulb came on over my head...oh right, Australia! I had to chuckle at your use of "precariously". One of my favorite phrases is "precariously perched". That's me...if I do anything on a ladder or step-stool, you can bet that I am precariously perched!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Natalie said...

They look awesome though.................