Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deadbeat, mooching siblings. Waiting for Karma!

Any advice on what can be done about my deadbeat,  younger brother who is still sponging / mooching off our 87 yr old mother?   

 If you've read my much earlier posts you know that  my mother has some form of dementia and she now resides in an assisted living, aged care home. 

I am so happy for the care that she receives and for the loving staff.   It still breaks my heart that she can not live in her own home where this brother and my younger sister live.   They are supposed to pay money towards the $588.00 per fortnight fees  that  Mum pays out of her pension,  plus the Council rates and the house insurance.    Mum would easily be able to get $450.00 a week rent for it.     That then affects her pension,  plus I would be handling the taxes that she would have to pay.   More stress for me and it would all work out the same in the end!

Every cloud has a silver lining. 

I called in to the Council to check if they had been paid.      Well,  there is around $750.00 still owing which means she has lost her $180 or more pensioner rebate because they weren't paid by the due date.   I would say that my sister has paid but not the free loading brother.
   The last time we had a family conference to try to sort out their bludging on Mum, my brother said he would do time in jail over me........   I took that as a threat to kill me.

I am not stressed over the problems now as I used to be. In the big picture,  Mum will end up paying in the end when it will all come out of her estate after she passes.  I know it's not at all fair but there's ef all I can do about it,  without it costing me a fortune in legal fees.  

So that's my whinge for the day.   This story is really a lot longer but gets more boring.
My Mum is doing OK.   Her blood sugar readings are up and down and this is due to little treats shared by others and a few desserts.  At her age,  who really cares?  It makes her happy.

Now... I just have to try to find the 3 pairs of shoes she has missing from her room!


Wimmera said...

I can relate to this so much, makes you feel you're not alone.
Best wishes for your mother snd I am glad she is in the good home.

Lydia La La said...

Thank you Wimmera. So, you have similar problems too?
I can not get it why family members are so greedy and uncaring.
Take care.

Hilary said...

I'm sorry to hear that a family member could make your mother's declining years more difficult. It just add more stress all around. Your attitude is good. What else can you do?

Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. It's always nice to see a new face. :)