Sunday, July 8, 2012

Watching AFL and Hawthorn's player, Buddy Franklin.

Melbourne  The home of Aussie Rules Football.

Just finished watching  AFL on TV.  AFL stands for Australian Football League.   They play Australian Rules,  a free for all, very fast game with 18 players on each side on the field with 2 reserves.       2 Umpires on the field, mostly crooked as,  1 at the goal posts and various boundary umpires for when the ball is over the line.       The game lasts 80 minutes, divided into 4 segments.

 I am definitely not a sports fan but I don't mind the occasional game of Aussie Rules.

There are some mighty fine specimens of young manhood on display in these teams and over the years I've had my favourites.    No,  that is not why I watch.   BUT  I have become smitten with a gorgeous Hawthorn player ....... Lance  [Buddy ] Franklin.

He smiles a lot,   he oozes a lovely ego and is TALL!  He has such a cool way of walking.  It is  more of a strut.  

He has amazing parents who have taken their children many miles for their sports over the years.  Buddy is the youngest and the only son.    There are 3 older girls.  I think Bianca is a champion Netball player.


  Now you can understand why I watch footy!!!

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